Rider(s) of the Month – Ryan and Kara

                    What cycle tour have you recently been on? Our most recent tour was the SpiceRoads Bali Mountain Bike Adventure in October 2014.   How many SpiceRoads adventures have you been on? We have cycled eight long tours and a number of shorter trips. We have […]

Escaping for a Vietnam Bicycle Adventure

Being a newbie to Asia I was keen to explore the region as much as possible. I had contacted a few travelling buddies but discovered every single one was away the October long weekend……so it looked like I was going to be travelling solo. Where to explore? I searched the SpiceRoads cycle tour website and […]

Meet Guide Binh from Vietnam

  Tell me about yourself My name is Binh and I am from the Thai Binh Province (just like my name).  I have a beautiful and very young wife.  I am very lucky as she is 8 years younger than me! What is your favourite food? I love spring rolls!  They are easy to eat […]

Rider of the Month – Gordon Dewar

Our CEO Struan catches up with Sean Kelly in Ireland   How does it feel to have won 9 monumental classics, 193 professional races in total and to be know to be the classic rider of all time? When you look back at your career then you realise how successful you have been. When you are […]

Rider of the month – Kristian Kallaur

              What SpiceRoads cycle tour have you recently been on? Most recent trip was India’s cycling the Nubra Valley over two weeks in August as part of a longer trip in India.  Starting in Ladakh in Jammu Kashmir and riding through some stunning landscapes and over some big mountain […]

Adventure through the Thailand Jungle!

Pro mountain biker Andrew Whiteford and adventure photographer  Jay Goodrich flew into Thailand to shoot some ‘action’ footage for USA’s Dirt Rag magazine.  It was a 6-day adventure led by guide Khun Win and supported by driver Khun Sak through North Thailand’s tropical jungle.                   Thailand is […]

Journey on the Steppe

                    I had flewn into Mongolia and Ulaanbataar’s Chinngis Khan airport by night, so had not been able to see the relatively small city, home to 1.7 million of outer Mongolia’s 2.9 million population. Now waking up up in the Soviet era 4 star Bayangol Hotel […]