Rider of the month – Chris

When and where did you go on your first cycle adventure? My first cycle adventure was for my 50th birthday with my son and daughter. I wanted to make the occasion as memorable as possible so I signed us up for SpiceRoads’ Burma Adventure. I was a little apprehensive about joining the tour as I […]

Rider of the Month – Ian Baker

  Ian Baker from Melbourne admits to being eighty years old, but if it’s a pretty girl asks he says, “I am thirty nine!” Ian’s sporting background included years of distance running and orienteering as well as cross-country skiing (did you know there are enormous snowfields in Southeast Australia?)……but a replacement operation on his left […]

Rider of the month – Cleo Burgett

How long have you been cycling for? I have cycled since I was a child. My first brand was a Fireston, no gears, blue 18” free cruising bicycle. It was followed a few years later with the coolest sting-ray handle-barred, banana seat wonder. I rode a twenty-one speed all through college but only to classes […]

Rider of the month – Herbert Kavet

My first cycle adventure was to Kenya, Africa. It was probably 25 or 30 years ago and I don’t remember what inspired me. I do know my wife always wanted to visit Africa and though not, at the time, a serious cyclist she came along. I was racing triathlons seriously around this period and had […]

Rider of the month – Simon Ashton

When did you go on your first cycle adventure? It was in 2010 to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Fourteen of us cycled from Saigon to Angkor Wat, once we arrived we were met with several other friends and had a surreal party in a 1,000 year old temple in the Angkor complex catered by the […]

Rider of the month

When did you go on you go on you first cycle adventure? .. When I was about 2 years old…..in the garden….on a tricycle. Before there were bicycle tour operators we tried to develop our own routes and booked our own accommdation. Our first self developed tour was back in 1978 in Ireland – it […]