Rider of the Month – Clive Cherry

Tell us about your earliest experiences as a cyclist My earliest experience that I remember is when I was either 8 or 9 years old learning to ride. I received a bike for Christmas, and went outside by myself to master riding it. I fell off so many times and went nowhere, and gave up. […]

Rider of the Month – Michael and Grace Cooke

When did you first start cycling? Our first cycle trip was with SpiceRoads back in 2004. We did the Golden Triangle Explorer. We live in Hong Kong, which is not the most friendly place to cycle so I don’t get out on the bike that much. My wife, Grace, also does not have a bike. […]

Rider of the Month – Rod Cartledge

What do you enjoy most about cycle touring? It is the opportunity to enjoy each country at ground level, meet the people, experience the local culture, history and delicious cuisine in a way that you would never do staying in a 5-star hotel or doing a traditionally conducted tourist tour. As a bonus, you will […]

Rider of the month – Michael D. Parsons

  When did you first start cycling? I first started cycling when I was six years old. My mother bought me a bike and taught me how to ride. On my first loop out and back, I ran her over as she stood in front of me shouting “Stop! STOP!!” ……….she had taught me how […]

Rider of the month – Kennet Melin

Think you are tough enough? Tony Aspell and Tinsley Janes, more commonly known as TJ, will be competing, yet again, in the Tour of Friendship. Although Tony dominated the Masters Category for five years in a row, he was pipped to the post by TJ in 2015! Both competitors are returning in 2016 to battle […]

Rider of the month – George Nicholls

When did you go on your first cycle adventure? For Christmas and New Year 2014 I joined the tour cycling from Saigon to Hanoi for my first ever cycling adventure. I had always wanted to tour Vietnam, and this seemed an ideal opportunity to get close-up and personal with the people and culture of this […]