SpiceRoads goes to the far east again in 2020 with a brand new tour in Japan! This year, with the advent of the Tokyo Olympics, the land of the rising sun will be showcasing its ancient traditions and rich culture to the entire world. Our new Japan Heritage tour brings you to the epicenter of […]

5 Foods You’ll Find Along the Way in Japan

When you think of Japanese food, injection what comes to mind? Chances are you’ll be dreaming up a delicious image of various types of sushi, bulimics sashimi, and ramen. And if you join us on one of our three cycling tours through Japan, you will most certainly encounter these dishes along the way. But there […]

Cycling Hot Springs and Volcanoes

By Herb Kavet Herb talks about his experience riding on SpiceRoads Kyushu’s Hot Springs and Volcanoes cycle tour. Most bike trips I have taken involve original and intriguing scenery, hard climbs and long days in the saddle. They usually introduce me to new cultures, different peoples with surprisingly similar feelings to our own, and new […]

Mystery of the “Male” Geisha

The Geisha: white faced, dosage cherry lipped, robed in luxurious silks, full of delicacy, grace and mystery. They’re a cultural icon of Japan, a definition of femininity and temptation rooted in a cultural evolution of…. men? Counter to every image and emotion geisha conjure in today’s world, the first geisha were actually men. Known as […]

10 places to cycle in 2016

by Marisa Chicarelli It’s the beginning of another new year, and it’s time to ponder and plan what to do over the upcoming holidays. And I’m sure I’m not the only person who says “I’m going to travel more and check out new places this year.” So for amazing cycling adventures, here are a few […]