Taking on Tibet!

The first SpiceRoads Lhasa to Kathmandu tour was full of surprises! The first being that we had to go in the opposite direction due to the airline blocking seats on our departure date. Luckily, our 8 intrepid cyclists were ready to do it the hard way, and we all met in Kathmandu as planned on

Update on Floods in Thailand

As Central Thailand continues to be effected by floods we wanted to give you an update from SpiceRoads and how it has effected our cycle tours in Central Thailand. While the province of Ayutthaya continues to be one of the worst effected area, there is still and element of uncertainty as to the the impact

SpiceRoads’ Top Tips to Thai Food

At SpiceRoads we take our food very seriously and our staff just love their food. So we asked them to name their favorite Thai dishes. Many of these dishes you can get to sample if you come on one of our Cycle Tours in Thailand Here are our recommendations:                                                                                                                                                            Overall Winner in the office…“Som

SpiceRoads tackles the Trans Alps

By Andrew Bond Andrew Bond is a travel writer and Managing Director of Virtual Travel Guides, which publishes new media guides and produces content for some of online travel’s biggest brands. When he’s not travelling, he’s busy training in the mountains around Chiang Mai for the next bike race. It takes a certain type of