Cycling Hot Springs and Volcanoes

By Herb Kavet Herb talks about his experience riding on SpiceRoads Kyushu’s Hot Springs and Volcanoes cycle tour. Most bike trips I have taken involve original and intriguing scenery, hard climbs and long days in the saddle. They usually introduce me to new cultures, different peoples with surprisingly similar feelings to our own, and new […]

A Day Jaunt to the Ancient City of Ayutthaya

by Luca Valsecci Luca talks about his experience riding on SpiceRoads Historic Ayutthaya cycle tour. Ayutthaya, UNESCO World Heritage site, magnificent, cosmopolitan, one of the world’s largest cities by 1700 and capital of the ancient Ayutthaya kingdom, ruled by 35 kings from 1351 to 1767. This must be worth a visit, I told myself whilst […]

Why You Should Choose Thailand for Your Next Cycle Adventure

Michael talks about swapping his Europe cycle adventure with the wonderfully exotic, 40mg culturally rich and mindbogglingly fun cycle tour with SpiceRoads. Asia has always been an interesting and appealing travel destination but when it comes to cycling I have always been a Europhile. Europe, from an America perspective, represented the holy land of cycling. After […]

Be prepared for an adventure in Sikkim, India

By Herb Kavet Where’s that?” That’s the first question I got when telling friends I was going to Sikkim on a bike tour. Nestled between Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet is where you find Sikkim, a small Indian state.  It joined India in 1975 but is still a bit independent — for one thing, it has […]

Cycle adventure: Island hopping the Philippines

By Herb Kavet The Philippines are delightful. The people are amongst the most friendly of the 40 countries I’ve biked through. Even the dogs are polite. Not one even barked at our group. Other trips I’ve been on featured the exotic – Golden temples shimmering in the sun, black water buffalo lumbering through fields, women […]

A Lung of Fresh Air – Bangkok’s Jungle

By Lynn Spreadbury “Don’t look down, ” jokes Don, my guide. Of course I do. I’m straddling a ten speed bike on a narrow, concrete path hoisted two meters above marshy wetlands surrounded by forest. Not a good place for vertigo. Not a good place to fall. A teak wood house with potted plants and […]

Let SpiceRoads Cycle Tours Introduce You to the ‘Real’ Vietnam

              By Gary Corbett For a self-confessed travelholic who has spent a large slice of his adult life travelling the world at every opportunity as both a travel writer and on personal holidays, it is somewhat incongruous that Vietnam, until now, has never been on the itinerary. Why? I’m […]