Songkran Festival: Just Wet and Wild Fun?

The Thai Buddhist New Year is about making merit, not just mayhem with Super Soakers, which happens anyway. But there are biking adventures to be had as this amazing water festival splashes across the country. What is Songkran? For three days in April, often at the peak of the hot season, the polite and the […]

8 Breathtakingly Beautiful Cycle Routes

Discover astounding natural and cultural wonders while cycling through these national treasures. A cycling holiday is considered by many the perfect way to explore a country. These eight adventures cover routes that are amazingly beautiful in their own unique ways. From enchanting forest trails to helicopter drops to mountain biking with snow-capped peaks around you, […]

Discover the Real-Life Shangri-La and More in Yunnan!

Mountainous terrain and smooth lakeside plains offer myriad environs and technical challenges for cyclists. Add the majestic beauty and unique traditions and history and you get a taste of the visions James Hilton saw as he envisioned the peaceful paradise for his book, Lost Horizons. Located in southwestern China, Yunnan province borders Burma, Laos, and […]

Now, What to Bring When Going on a Biking Adventure…

The first step to enjoying your biking adventure is to have all those necessities, big and small, on hand. Especially if you’re travelling to a remote spot where a 7-11 is a long way away! To make sure your cycling holiday isn’t ruined because you’re freezing without a sweater or covered in blisters from the […]

The Bewitching Beauty of the Balkans

Located near the hearts of ancient civilizations and long a gateway between East and West, the Balkans have seen and been influenced by major global triumphs and tribulations. In addition to local customs, cultures, and histories, the Balkan nations were at the crossroads of Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Islam. They found themselves in battles with and […]

Why You Should Choose Thailand for Your Next Cycle Adventure

Michael talks about swapping his Europe cycle adventure with the wonderfully exotic, 40mg culturally rich and mindbogglingly fun cycle tour with SpiceRoads. Asia has always been an interesting and appealing travel destination but when it comes to cycling I have always been a Europhile. Europe, from an America perspective, represented the holy land of cycling. After […]

10 New Year Resolutions for Cyclists

This is typically the time of year when we set ourselves new goals for the upcoming year. They could include: getting fit, losing weight, being more studious or gaining a new skill. Sometimes they are about giving up something, such as Febfast, when you convince your family and friends that you can avoid alcohol and / […]