Why the Balkans are an Undiscovered Destination for Road Cycling

When you think of the top destinations for road cycling, what comes to mind? Probably the usual France, Spain, maybe even Italy, especially when thinking of Europe. But there’s so much to see, do, and ride outside of the usual haunts. Let’s explore another European road cycling destination- the Balkans, and the setting for our […]

The Common Tourist Attraction You Should Avoid When Visiting Thailand

Each year thousands of tourists to Thailand tell their friends and family about their experiences with the delicious food, beautiful scenery, stunning Buddhist temples, and photos of themselves with animals, such as tigers and elephants, and tales of riding atop a massive elephant, or elephants playing football or painting. Unfortunately, few stop to consider how it […]

Guidelines for Optimal Cycling Nutrition

If you’re planning to go on a cycling tour, it is important to keep your body properly fuelled and hydrated. However, there is so much information available it can be confusing trying to sort through it all. We have provided some top tips to help you have the best results. Calories Count There are a […]

10 Awesome Bike Rides in Asia

Tired of riding in the same old places? Looking to explore somewhere new? Look no further. We have pulled together a list of TOP CYCLE TOURS in Asia which need to be ridden now! 1. Angkor Experience Cycling beneath towering fig trees amongst a thousand years of Khmer history is an absolute delight and cycling […]

7 Ideas for Greener Travelling, for Adventurers with a Conscience

Even if you painstakingly recycle your paper, glass and plastics, turn the lights off when you leave a room and switch off all your plugs every night before you go to bed, you can’t ignore the fact that travelling can have a huge impact on the environment. However, there are many things you can do […]

Five Best Moments on a Bike Tour

There is no better way to explore a country than on a bike. You feel part of the countryside; part of the environment so you can reach out and actually touch it. We’ve had thousands of people come through our doors since we started way back in the 90s. Most people are surprised by how […]

Experience Madagascar on Two Feet and Two Wheels

The world’s fourth largest island, situated off the south east coast of Africa, should be literally explored at grassroots level. Visitors should seriously consider the bike and hike Madagascar option in order to thoroughly immerse their senses in everything this unspoiled gem has to offer. There are very few places left in the world which […]