Songkran Festival: Just Wet and Wild Fun?

The Thai Buddhist New Year is about making merit, not just mayhem with Super Soakers, which happens anyway. But there are biking adventures to be had as this amazing water festival splashes across the country. What is Songkran? For three days in April, often at the peak of the hot season, the polite and the […]

Top 5 Family Cycle Holidays in Asia

Tired of the usual vacation spots? Looking for a new adventure to share with the entire family? Look no further than SpiceRoads Family Cycle Holidays! Coming up with a family holiday that captures everyone’s attention can be hard. If your family enjoys the outdoors even a little bit, seek one of SpiceRoads’ Family Cycle Holidays […]

A Day Jaunt to the Ancient City of Ayutthaya

by Luca Valsecci Luca talks about his experience riding on SpiceRoads Historic Ayutthaya cycle tour. Ayutthaya, UNESCO World Heritage site, magnificent, cosmopolitan, one of the world’s largest cities by 1700 and capital of the ancient Ayutthaya kingdom, ruled by 35 kings from 1351 to 1767. This must be worth a visit, I told myself whilst […]

10 places to cycle in 2016

by Marisa Chicarelli It’s the beginning of another new year, and it’s time to ponder and plan what to do over the upcoming holidays. And I’m sure I’m not the only person who says “I’m going to travel more and check out new places this year.” So for amazing cycling adventures, here are a few […]

Father’s Day, Thai style

By Marisa Chicarelli You only have to be in Thailand a few moments to realise how much Thais revere the monarchy. Especially the king. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was crowned in 1950. Almost immediately, he embarked on a tireless campaign to improve the lives of his subjects with environmentally sustainable agriculture projects, scientific and […]

SpiceRoads at Ploenchit Fair 2015

SpiceRoads joined the British Community in Thailand to raise funds for the needy at Bangkok’s Ploenchit Fair. It was a jam-packed day filled with games, Christmas shopping, bargains, raffles and music. SpiceRoads’ famous ‘Bike Smoothie Maker’ was back in full force making lots of delicious smoothies for all the kids (and parents too!). We also […]

Respect and good humour: how to be culturally sensitive in Thailand

By Marisa Chicarelli Thailand is internationally renowned for its beaches, nightlife, festivals, and all other sorts of fun. But fun doesn’t mean being culturally insensitive. Although Thailand has the reputation in some quarters as being uninhibited and fancy free, in actuality, Thais can be quite socially conservative. With a little respect and a good sense […]