Why Book a Guided Bicycle Tour?: 6 Reasons it’s Worth it!

So you’re thinking about booking a guided bike tour, but is it worth it? Why book a group tour when you just do it on your own? Let us persuade you that a guided bike tour with SpiceRoads is not only worth it, but also an experience you will never forget! 1. Local Guides There […]


Introducing the SpiceRoads Cycling Leisure jersey for the upcoming season 2019/20. This is the first of our two jersey models for this season, the ‘Leisure’ jersey. It will be given for free to all the participants in Touring and Trails SpiceRoads trips starting at the beginning of September 2019. The new jersey features a roomy […]

4 Reasons to Go Cycling in East Africa Right Now

One of the best undiscovered, emerging destinations for cycling is… East Africa? Bet you didn’t see that one coming! At SpiceRoads Cycling, we literally cycle the globe, searching for the best cycling in the world to offer our cycling-obsessed clients. And next up on our list of hidden gems is East Africa. This wild and […]

Why the Balkans are an Undiscovered Destination for Road Cycling

When you think of the top destinations for road cycling, what comes to mind? Probably the usual France, Spain, maybe even Italy, especially when thinking of Europe. But there’s so much to see, do, and ride outside of the usual haunts. Let’s explore another European road cycling destination- the Balkans, and the setting for our […]

SpiceRoads E-bikes: Now Available in Vietnam and Sri Lanka!

The biggest shift in recreational cycling has made its way to cycle travel. Enter the e-bike! E-bikes, or bikes with a battery-powered “pedal assist,” feel just like a standard push bike, but the built-in electric motor kicks in when the rider begins to pedal. The pedal assist is as strong or as subtle as you […]

Introducing the New SpiceRoads!

SpiceRoads Cycle Tours has undergone a transformation! Began in 1995 by Hamish Keith, SpiceRoads grew into a global, cycle touring brand that leads eye-opening cycling adventures in over 30 destinations around the world. While we’ve had a lot of adventures since 1995, this new one is of a different variety: we’ve rebranded! Our goal with […]

10 Awesome Bike Rides in Asia

Tired of riding in the same old places? Looking to explore somewhere new? Look no further. We have pulled together a list of TOP CYCLE TOURS in Asia which need to be ridden now! 1. Angkor Experience Cycling beneath towering fig trees amongst a thousand years of Khmer history is an absolute delight and cycling […]