The Lifecycle of a SpiceRoads Tour Bicycle

When you choose to go on a cycling tour that’s designed by cyclists for cyclists, you don’t just get great routes and perfectly-cadenced rides, you get the full cycling experience. That means all of the amenities and details a cyclist needs- and great bikes are at the top of the list. Though many SpiceRoads riders […]

Why the Balkans are an Undiscovered Destination for Road Cycling

When you think of the top destinations for road cycling, what comes to mind? Probably the usual France, Spain, maybe even Italy, especially when thinking of Europe. But there’s so much to see, do, and ride outside of the usual haunts. Let’s explore another European road cycling destination- the Balkans, and the setting for our […]

Preparing for Your Road Cycling Holiday

Preparing for Your Road Cycling Holiday Being prepared for the physical challenge of a cycling holiday requires a commitment. While it is a holiday, stuff a training regimen that aims to build stamina and strength will ensure that you enjoy the ride and all the sights, sounds, and special moments along the way. Develop a […]