Top 5 Family Cycle Holidays in Asia

Tired of the usual vacation spots? Looking for a new adventure to share with the entire family? Look no further than SpiceRoads Family Cycle Holidays! Coming up with a family holiday that captures everyone’s attention can be hard. If your family enjoys the outdoors even a little bit, seek one of SpiceRoads’ Family Cycle Holidays […]

Mystery of the “Male” Geisha

The Geisha: white faced, dosage cherry lipped, robed in luxurious silks, full of delicacy, grace and mystery. They’re a cultural icon of Japan, a definition of femininity and temptation rooted in a cultural evolution of…. men? Counter to every image and emotion geisha conjure in today’s world, the first geisha were actually men. Known as […]

Six Sensational Sights in Sulawesi

If you are thinking about an adventure in Indonesia, you should check out Sulawesi. This spectacular isle away from the main thoroughfare of Bali’s popular beaches is one of the country’s most compelling regions and is sure to please any adventure or nature lover. Although the sea is no more than 100 km from any […]

10 places to cycle in 2016

by Marisa Chicarelli It’s the beginning of another new year, and it’s time to ponder and plan what to do over the upcoming holidays. And I’m sure I’m not the only person who says “I’m going to travel more and check out new places this year.” So for amazing cycling adventures, here are a few […]

Hidden Treasures found in Bangkok Sunset Tour

After living in Bangkok for two years, I thought I knew the city. I thought I knew the markets and temples, the back alleys and quirks. SpiceRoads’ bike tour told me otherwise. I met my fellow cyclists in Chinatown, a bustling area of familiarity. The group consisted of two couples fresh off planes from America […]

Be prepared for an adventure in Sikkim, India

By Herb Kavet Where’s that?” That’s the first question I got when telling friends I was going to Sikkim on a bike tour. Nestled between Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet is where you find Sikkim, a small Indian state.  It joined India in 1975 but is still a bit independent — for one thing, it has […]

The Balkans at it best in Bulgaria

By Herb Kavet I had my worries about Bulgaria – I thought it would be a throwback, charmless place. But a some friends suggested a trip, so I joined them without knowing much and expecting surprises. I wasn’t let down. The first surprise was Sofia. The capital wasn’t a rundown and drab former communist but […]