10 World Heritage Sites You Will See on Our Tours Through Asia

A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by UNESCO as being culturally or physically significant. Founded in 1972 to protect endangered monuments in Egypt and Sudan, a World Heritage Site can range from being a lake to an entire city. As of this year, there are 1031 listed sites spanning over 163 countries […]

Kazakhstan Expands Visa-Free Travel Program

By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN JULY 15, 2015 MOSCOW — Kazakhstan said on Wednesday that it would expand a visa-free travel program to 19 countries and principalities for visitors staying up to 15 days, after the success of a pilot project. The former Soviet republic in Central Asia, bordered by Russia and China, among others, said […]

Journey on the Steppe

                    I had flewn into Mongolia and Ulaanbataar’s Chinngis Khan airport by night, so had not been able to see the relatively small city, home to 1.7 million of outer Mongolia’s 2.9 million population. Now waking up up in the Soviet era 4 star Bayangol Hotel […]