10 World Heritage Sites You Will See on Our Tours Through Asia

A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by UNESCO as being culturally or physically significant. Founded in 1972 to protect endangered monuments in Egypt and Sudan, a World Heritage Site can range from being a lake to an entire city. As of this year, there are 1031 listed sites spanning over 163 countries […]

Get the Most out of Your Bhutan Tour

If you would like to take a cycling holiday to a beautiful place that has not become overrun with tourist or a tourist feel, then Bhutan might be ideal. Situated between Tibet and India, Bhutan is a somewhat small country that has managed to retain its unique cultural traditions. Cyclists will enjoy beautiful, memorable mountains, […]

Six Sensational Sights in Sulawesi

If you are thinking about an adventure in Indonesia, you should check out Sulawesi. This spectacular isle away from the main thoroughfare of Bali’s popular beaches is one of the country’s most compelling regions and is sure to please any adventure or nature lover. Although the sea is no more than 100 km from any […]


Looking for the next exciting destination to take your road bike, look no further than Taiwan. When Portuguese sailors first landed, they named it Ihla Formosa, which means ‘beautiful island’. Those first interactions between East and West, along with mainland and regional influences, have made Taiwan a unique gem, with a plethora of on and […]

SpiceRoads guides on cycling holiday

SpiceRoads guides climb “The Roof of Indochina” What do our SpiceRoads guides do during the low season? They go on a cycling holiday! Three of our Thailand guides, Ant, Bottle and Juem, packed their bikes and flew to Vietnam on a mission to first conquer Fansipan, at 3,143 metres (10,312 ft) the highest mountain in […]

Cycling Challenges in Thailand with the Expats Veterans Association

    Last October 10 riders from the Royal British Legion (RBL) in Bangkok cycled from Bangkok to Phuket for charity in the SpiceRoads sponsored RBL Big Push. Now they are planning to do their next Charity Challenge in April. We caught up with some of the team in their local pub to find out […]