Why Now is the Best Time to Visit Northern Pakistan

Whether you’re looking for an epic biking adventure, experiencing a wonderful culture, witnessing breathtaking landscapes or trying orgasmic foods, Pakistan might not be the first destination that pops up. But it should be! Pakistan is all of that and more and I’m not just saying this because I’m a Pakistani myself. As it so happens, recently we […]

Bangkoks SkyLane reopens to a huge sigh of relief!

Cyclists all over Thailand rejoiced in December, as the long awaited re-opening of the airport track, ‘Skylane’ finally happened. Cyclists were not the only ones to be celebrating though, as the 23.5km track had been the main driving force behind a boom in cycling which has seen a whole new generation of cyclists created, and […]

Riders of the Month – 4 Cyclists From Norway!

March 2017 features not one, but four riders! Introducing four cyclists from Norway: Margot Lothe Pedersen,  Mia Johanne Marie Lervik, Sverre Lervik, and Hildur Aase. Tell us more about your earliest experiences as a cyclist… Hildur: My first experience as a cyclist was in France in 1996 when we were 4 friends cycling together. Sverre: My first experience […]

A Circus that is ‘Same Same But Different’

A popular expression in Asia is “Same Same But Different” and this perfectly describes Phare, the Cambodian Circus show in Siem Reap. It is held in a big top, but there are no animals performing, marking it different from your traditional circus. It is similar to Cirque de Soleil in the acrobatics performed, but the […]