Exploring the Wilds of Malaysia by Bike

For many people, when they think of Borneo, it brings images of explorers boldly trekking through the dense tropical rainforest, discovering breath-taking beauty, and amazing exotic wildlife and plants. However, Borneo is a perfect location for anyone who is a biking enthusiast looking for an exceptional adventure, in a much less populated area than they would experience […]

The Common Tourist Attraction You Should Avoid When Visiting Thailand

Each year thousands of tourists to Thailand tell their friends and family about their experiences with the delicious food, beautiful scenery, stunning Buddhist temples, and photos of themselves with animals, such as tigers and elephants, and tales of riding atop a massive elephant, or elephants playing football or painting. Unfortunately, few stop to consider how it […]

Cycling Bike and Hike Wilds Madagascar

Cycling Bike and Hike Wilds Madagascar By Herb Kavet The country is an island off the east coast of Africa and a former French colony. It’s an impoverished country. People live on under $2 a day, many go barefoot and backbreaking human power moves most of the goods. People push carts or bicycles up hills […]

Cycling Tours with a Little Extra Something

Cycling Tours with a Little Extra Something Cycling tours are an adventure by themselves, and they offer a wonderful opportunity to explore new places and view breathtaking scenery. However you may find yourself wanting to experience a different mode of transport, even just for a couple of hours. If you do fancy taking a break […]