7 Awesome and Cultural Experiences in South India

1. See South India through the locals’ eyes South India is full of never-ending things to explore and exciting experiences you can be a part of. Using the (adapted) phrase ‘when in India, do as the Indians do‘, you’ll find endless chances to learn from the friendly local people. You may start by interacting with […]


SpiceRoads goes to the far east again in 2020 with a brand new tour in Japan! This year, with the advent of the Tokyo Olympics, the land of the rising sun will be showcasing its ancient traditions and rich culture to the entire world. Our new Japan Heritage tour brings you to the epicenter of […]

Why Book a Guided Bicycle Tour?: 6 Reasons it’s Worth it!

So you’re thinking about booking a guided bike tour, but is it worth it? Why book a group tour when you just do it on your own? Let us persuade you that a guided bike tour with SpiceRoads is not only worth it, but also an experience you will never forget! 1. Local Guides There […]


Introducing the SpiceRoads Cycling Leisure jersey for the upcoming season 2019/20. This is the first of our two jersey models for this season, the ‘Leisure’ jersey. It will be given for free to all the participants in Touring and Trails SpiceRoads trips starting at the beginning of September 2019. The new jersey features a roomy […]


We know. You don’t need to travel to the other part of the world to find the perfect mountain bike trail. Sometimes it can be just a couple of hours drive or, if you’re lucky enough, it might be in your own backyard. Then what makes a mountain bike adventure trip so special? Well, that’s […]

The Lifecycle of a SpiceRoads Tour Bicycle

When you choose to go on a cycling tour that’s designed by cyclists for cyclists, you don’t just get great routes and perfectly-cadenced rides, you get the full cycling experience. That means all of the amenities and details a cyclist needs- and great bikes are at the top of the list. Though many SpiceRoads riders […]

4 Reasons to Go Cycling in East Africa Right Now

One of the best undiscovered, emerging destinations for cycling is… East Africa? Bet you didn’t see that one coming! At SpiceRoads Cycling, we literally cycle the globe, searching for the best cycling in the world to offer our cycling-obsessed clients. And next up on our list of hidden gems is East Africa. This wild and […]