Cyclists riding in Morocco mountains on an off-road track

So you’re thinking about booking a guided bike tour, but is it worth it? Why book a group tour when you just do it on your own? Let us persuade you that a guided bike tour with SpiceRoads is not only worth it, but also an experience you will never forget!

1. Local Guides

SpiceRoads Cycling guide smiling at the camera

There is no better way to explore a new place than being shown around by a local. Our guides are not only experienced riders, but also experts on food, culture, and where to find hidden gems. Our local guides know the ins and outs of their home country and are excited to show you around during your cycling vacation! They can show you spots off the beaten track like their favourite restaurant as a kid or an amazing photo op you would have never known about. Your guide will immerse you in the local culture while making sure you are well versed on the cultural dos and don’ts. Let us really show you a country!

2. 24/7 Support

SpiceRoads support van handed water bottle to cyclist

Imagine this: you’re on day three of a two-week adventure cycling solo through northern Thailand. You are feeling great until you realize last night’s dinner isn’t settling well and your back tire is starting to go flat. On a SpiceRoads bicycle tour, your tire would be swiftly fixed by our team and you would rest in the support vehicle while your stomach recovers. Additionally, our team would make sure your luggage is taken care of and your bike is cleaned and serviced regularly. To ensure our guests have all the support they need, our staff to client ratio is usually around one to three. Whether you’re mountain biking the golden triangle or pedaling along the wine country and national parks of Montenegro, support from us ensures that you can relax and enjoy the ride (literally!).

3. Camaraderie

Cyclists hanging out eating banana in Sri Lanka

One of the things that makes a SpiceRoads bike tour so rememberable is being surrounded by like-minded people and the opportunity to make new friends for life! Bike tours are a great option for solo travelers and groups alike. Our group dinners and activities allow you to discover a country while socializing with other active travelers. Being surrounded by like-minded people helps make your experience even more enjoyable. It is not uncommon for cyclists to develop lasting friendships and to keep in touch years after their tour has ended!

4. Thoughtfully Planned Itineraries

Cyclists riding along the hills and valleys of Cappadocia, Turkey
camping tents on Kazakhstan's valleys with lush pastures under the double rainbow

For many, the most stressful and time consuming part of planning a cycling trip is creating the perfect itinerary. It’s not so easy to plan a cycling trip through Croatia while sitting at your laptop in the United States. Not all bicycle tour companies are created equal, but the SpiceRoads team meticulously researches and plans each route, carefully selects accommodations, and arranges speedy transfers to make sure your tour goes smoothly. When selecting accommodations we consider your comfort, safety, and of course we add a touch of local charm. Though we usually stay in hotels, sometimes we cycle through rural areas with limited accommodation. In these instances, we offer the unique opportunity for our guests to experience staying with a local family or camp under the stars! 

To make sure you have the best experience possible, routes are regularly updated based on conditions like weather and our qualified guides are prepared for almost anything! Leaving the planning to someone else allows you to have a more enjoyable tour and to focus your energy on the journey ahead! 

 5. Amazing Food!

Cyclist enjoy local food in Sri Lanka

One of the most exciting parts of visiting somewhere new is trying the food, but how do you choose what to eat and where to eat? Should I grab some of the fresh fish being grilled by the adorable grandma on the street or should I try that local restaurant around the corner? How do I order when no one speaks English and the menu is written in Thai, Croatian, or Japanese? 

On a SpiceRoads bike tour you can be confident that you will be taken to authentic places to eat and we will do our best to make sure your dietary needs are accommodated. Restaurants and authentic dining experiences are hand selected by our team to make sure you have the most delicious trip possible. Our family style lunches and dinners allow you to relax, socialize, and sample local foods with your fellow cyclists. 

6. Immersion

Cyclist riding on track with steep uphill in Morocco
Moroccan man smiling at the camera

Cycling tours offer a unique way to connect with a country and its people. Cyclists are allowed the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and connect with locals without the boundaries of a car or bus window. You get to see, hear, and smell the country as you pedal through communities you would have never known existed. Of course we give you the peace of mind that the communities we will visit are safe and hospitable. Though you are covering a lengthy distance, bike tours allow you the opportunity to slow down, make stops, and truly immerse yourself in the country you are cycling through. 

Are you ready to join in on the adventure?

Check out our list of guaranteed departures or explore all of the tour options on our trip finder. If you’re still not convinced on booking a group cycling tour, we can always help you build a custom or private tour. Everyone here at SpiceRoads hopes to hear from you soon!

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