Introducing the SpiceRoads Cycling Leisure jersey for the upcoming season 2019/20.

This is the first of our two jersey models for this season, the ‘Leisure’ jersey. It will be given for free to all the participants in Touring and Trails SpiceRoads trips starting at the beginning of September 2019.

The new jersey features a roomy and relaxed fit with lightweight fabric, ideal for those hot long days on the saddle. It also keeps the traditional convenient features of a proper cycling jersey, such as 3 pockets in the back, elastic waist, mesh side panels, and full-body zipper.

The in-house design process for this jersey focused on keeping our brand identity and colors simple, neat and recognizable while adding subtle details inspired in traditional symbols and local scripts that celebrate each of the eight regions in which we offer cycling tours.

These symbols include a Thai traditional flower with ‘Southeast Asia’ written in Thai characters, a Sakura flower with ‘East Asia’ in Japanese characters, and a Mandala with ‘South Asia’ written in Hindi characters among many others.

In-line with our efforts for making SpiceRoads tours more sustainable, we partnered with a local company to produce the jerseys in their factory located barely 50 km away from our headquarters in Bangkok using 100% locally sourced Thai fabrics.

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  1. I have at least 5 of your bike jerseys from different years. Unfortunately I do not like any of your new choices. Too simple. I admire what Thailand can design on home décor and clothing. White background is good for change but please hire some good designers for your jerseys. Your shirts in the US get attention on local bike tours and often becomes conversation peace. I bet you have got some bookings because of it. Please try to put more design to them. I also like your slogan “See Asia By Bicycle” or “See the World by Bicycle”.
    Leena 🙂

  2. My wife and I had paid for a SE Asia tour in 2012, but unfortunately had to cancel because of my health. Since that time, she has had a stroke so unfortunately we’re still out of luck (unless you have any tandem trikes available). At any rate, all of those jerseys are gems

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