The biggest shift in recreational cycling has made its way to cycle travel. Enter the e-bike!

E-bikes, or bikes with a battery-powered “pedal assist,” feel just like a standard push bike, but the built-in electric motor kicks in when the rider begins to pedal. The pedal assist is as strong or as subtle as you want it to be; the harder you pedal, the bigger a boost you’ll get. The effect is that riders can cruise comfortable over long distances, and tackle some of the toughest and steepest climbs without really breaking a sweat.

E-bikes are revolutionizing recreational cycling, because they remove a huge barrier to entry for many would-be casual riders: fitness.

While e-bikes aren’t motorcycles, the pedal assist motor helps just enough to give less athletic riders the full riding experience that seasoned cyclists enjoy. With an e-bike, riding 20 kilometers in one go, or taking the hilly route, is no longer a no-go for the less than fit. And simply being in the saddle for longer, even with “assistance,” has huge benefits for riders’ confidence and fitness.

E-bikes made their big debut in Europe several years ago, where they’ve become a commuter staple. Now taking the US market by storm, e-bikes are popular with commuters in larger cities, but also with recreational riders as a weekend hobby.

But why stop there? Why not bring pedal assist on your next bike trip?

At SpiceRoads, we’re delighted to provide e-bikes in 2 of our most popular destinations- Vietnam and Sri Lanka- with more destinations to come!

We firmly believe that seeing the world by bike is the best way to see the world, and that bike travel should be accessible to everyone. Never considered using an e-bike on your next bike trip?

Here are several reasons why you should:


Experience- and enjoy -tougher tours.

Maybe there’s one ride, that once in a lifetime trip, you’ve always wanted to take, but are unsure of the distances, terrain, or length. Long odysseys like Saigon to Hanoi, a 17 day trip and a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, can seem inaccessible to the recreational rider. Tackling the many hills of our Hill Tribes of Vietnam tour can seem daunting for riders who don’t have a lot of climbing experience, or aren’t confident in their fitness level.

E-bikes remove those obstacles and get you not just cycling on a tour- but experiencing it to the fullest.

Relax more and enjoy the sights and sounds of a destination.

For those new to the idea of active holidays, e-bikes are the perfect way to ease into things. If you’re worried about not being able to enjoy your hard-earned vacation time if it means suffering through hills, like those you might encounter on Sri Lanka Spice Trails, rest easy knowing that a boost is just a pedal stroke away when you need it.

Relax in the saddle or go hard when you’re feeling up for it so you can savor- not sweat- the experience of seeing the world from the seat of a bicycle.

Bring your spouse, friend or family member along on tour.

We as cycling fanatics know our… habits may not seem that appealing to everyone (what, a 130 kilometer ascent through the darkest depths of the pain cave doesn’t sound like fun to you?!). Many cyclists find themselves leaving their machine behind when on holiday, for a trip that’s suited to everyone, yet all the while wishing their spouse, family, or friends would just give the bike a try!

Enter the e-bike. No more coaxing or nagging, with that first pedal-assisted boost, your better half will be ahead of you, experiencing the joys of cycle travel for themself. Get them riding on a culturally-focused tour, like Vietnam Heritage or Sri Lanka Heritage by Bike, and who knows, you might just give it a try yourself!

Need more reasons? We’ve got 12!

  1. Saigon to Hanoi
  2. North Vietnam Family Explorer
  3. Halong Bay Cycle and Cruise
  4. Red River Delta by Bike and Boat
  5. Mountain Biking Vietnam’s Northwest Mountains
  6. Hanoi to Luang Prabang
  7. Cultural Road from Hoi An to Siem Reap
  8. Hill Tribes of Vietnam
  9. Cycling Vietnam’s Central Coast
  10. Sri Lanka Heritage by Bike
  11. Sri Lanka Spice Trails
  12. Sri Lanka Tip to Tip by Road Bike

E-bikes are available on any of the above tours in Vietnam and Sri Lanka now. Contact our Adventure Tour team at to learn more or to make a booking.

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