For many people, when they think of Borneo, it brings images of explorers boldly trekking through the dense tropical rainforest, discovering breath-taking beauty, and amazing exotic wildlife and plants. However, Borneo is a perfect location for anyone who is a biking enthusiast looking for an exceptional adventure, in a much less populated area than they would experience on the mainland of Malaysia. Because Borneo has warm weather year-round, and temperatures are fairly consistent in most of the area, it’s ideal for bicycle touring. May to September is truly the best time to enjoy cycling tours in the wilds of Malaysia as this is the dry season, which means the humidity is low as well.

You will enjoy a wonderful, unique adventure cycling tour through East Malaysia, (also known as Malaysian Borneo), on the island of Borneo. You can enjoy amazing monkeys and exotic birds in astounding national parks and wildlife reserves including Kinabalu National Park, explore sanctuaries, off-road cycle a portion of the historic Sandakan Death March route, and explore exciting cities.

Another popular location is Gunung Mulu National Park, which is considered to be Borneo’s finest national park by many. Some of the most appreciated highlights are the Sarawak Chamber cave systems, as well as the huge Clearwater Cave.

Kuching, the energetic capital of Sarawak, is known for its world-famous orangutan sanctuary in Sepilok Forest Reserve, as well as the canopy walkway located at the Rainforest Discovery Centre. Other enjoyments in the area include kayaking on the Sarawak River, a cruise through the spectacular mangroves, trekking along beautiful jungle paths and relaxing on the unspoiled, stunning beaches while watching the golden sunset.

While jungle adventures are a large focus of the tour through the wilds of Malaysia, we will also explore many traditional ethnic villages on this cycling tour through Malaysian Borneo.

Along with exploring the tourist amenities and shopping locations within Kuching, we also interact with the diverse charming native locals. In fact, as part of our unique adventure, we stay in the homes of the welcoming residents, experiencing local village life first hand.

Bako National Park, near Kuching, covers miles of jungle trails as well as several lovely beaches. In addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches and shoreline, Sipadan Island offers some of the best diving tourists can experience in Asia. In addition to exploring the wilds of Malaysia on land, divers can explore and enjoy the beauty of colourful living coral reefs, sea turtles, sting rays, hammerheads and other tropical sea life.

Also among the towns we will enjoy exploring in northern Sarawak is Miri; from here, we can cycle to the Number 1 Oil Well national monument, and Taman Selera beach.

So, if you’re looking for cycling tours through areas that are far less populated than the mainland of Malaysia, while enjoying the jungles, national parks, waterways, beaches and the seaside, and miles of beautiful roadways unspoilt or congested by traffic, then the cycling tour of the wilds of Malaysia Borneo is a perfect choice.

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