Find out why Madagascar is a trending biking destination, where the call of the wild beckons you for a thrilling adventure in the lap of nature!

Salama! (Hello in Malagasy) and welcome to the lands of Madagascar, a small island country in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa. A collection of islands, Madagascar is one of the largest biodiversity hotspots in the world where you can find more than 90% species of animals that you can find nowhere on the Earth. The wildlife, the culture, the arts, the people – everything about Madagascar gives you a once in a lifetime experience. In the past few years, Madagascar has evolved as a trending biking destination with the nature and wildlife blending in with a thrilling adventure. The best time to Visit Madagascar is anywhere between July and September when the country experiences relatively cooler season and with little or no rains.


One of the unique things about the country is the vast diversity in the cultural aspect because each group or ethnicity follow and adhere to their own set of beliefs and cultures. One can find a variety of cultures and art in Madagascar and you would witness a few common elements that bind them all together like a common language and shared beliefs about God and Karma. Dances, plastic arts and oratory are features exclusive to the lands of Madagascar. You can collect a wide array of artifacts made out of wood, papers and even flowers that are beautifully made with intricate designs.

Malagasy people are one of the friendliest people and they are ever ready to interact with little ways to make your experience enriching with their customs and traditions. The Malagasy food is another exclusive feature of Madagascar with a vast variety of cuisines ranging from Southeast Asian cuisine to Chinese and Indian cuisine because of the wide descendants of these places settling in the lap of Madagascar.


An extract on Madagascar is incomplete without mentioning its rich wildlife with species unique to itself and that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Roughly, 200,000 species of wildlife are known to exist in Madagascar. Having been isolated for about 88 million years the islands are home to a wide variety of the popular Lemurs and hundreds and thousands of species birds and plants. It is a true heavenly place for nature and animal lovers.


A biking experience in Madagascar is one in a million and a very exclusive experience that comes once in a lifetime. The wildlife, the people and the various other components of the islands promise to provide a thrilling adventure.




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