A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by UNESCO as being culturally or physically significant. Founded in 1972 to protect endangered monuments in Egypt and Sudan, a World Heritage Site can range from being a lake to an entire city. As of this year, there are 1031 listed sites spanning over 163 countries including 37 World Heritage Sites in Asia. Thankfully, we have carefully designed many of our Asia cycling tours to pass through special sites so you don’t miss out. Check out the list to see some of the beauty that Asia has to offer:

1. Sukhothai Historical Park


This incredible site covers the ancient ruins of Sukhothai, which was capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom in the 13th and 14th centuries. Sukhothai Historical Park features in our Chaing Mai to Bangkok cycle tour; as we ride through and explore, the ancient Buddha figures, incredible palace buildings and ruined temples will leave you amazed.

2. Orkhon River


As part of our Monglia cycling tour we pass through The Orkhon River, which is the longest river in Mongolia, stretching 698 miles and featuring two sets of ancient ruins and a ten meters wide waterfall along the way.

3. Mount Kinabalu


If you join us on our Untamed Borneo tour, you will be lucky enough to pass through and witness the beauty of Mount Kinabalu, the 20th most prominent mountain in the world. However, its not just the mountain itself which is amazing, as Mount Kinabalu flourishes with varieties of plants and wildlife, including the orangutan!

4. Tiger Leaping Gorge


On our Yunnan Discovery tour, you will discover the awe-inspiring Tiger Leaping Gorge – a scenic canyon on the Jinsha River. It is a part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas World Heritage Site, and when you see it for yourself in person, you will understand why.

5. Shirakawogo


If you choose to join us on our cycling tour of Japan’s Noto Peninsula, you will get to experience the beauty of an entire village that is a World Heritage Site! This mountain village is located in the highest peak on Mount Haku and is one of the snowiest places in Japan. Alongside the backdrop of astounding natural beauty, the incredibly unique architecture will blow you away.

6. My Son


My Son is a cluster of partially ruined and incredibly ancient Hindu temples, estimated to have been built between the 4th and 14th century AD. Join us on our tour from Saigon to Hanoi to marvel at the craftsmanship and detailed beauty of the remaining religious buildings.

7. Chitwan National Park


Nepal’s Chitwan National Park features an incredible range of exotic and wild animals, including rhinos, elephants and Bengal tigers that co-exist with leopards! Altogether, there are at least 68-recorded species of mammals and 543-recorded species of birds, as well as lush vegetation.

8. Kandy


On our Sri Lanka Spice Trails tour, you will pass through a World Heritage Site in the form of an entire city! Kandy is Sri Lanka’s second largest city and is home to the Temple of the Tooth relic, considered one of the most sacred places to worship in the Buddhist world. Once you’ve witnessed the gorgeous colonial architecture and natural beauty, you will understand why this city is held in such high regard.

9. Hoi An


On our Cycling Vietnam’s Central Coast tour, we pass through the Vietnamese city of Hoi An. It’s ancient town is exceptionally well-preserved and its indigenous and colonial influences are reflected in its unique and beautiful architecture.

10. Angkor Temple


Angkor is an ancient megacity that flourished between the 9th to 15th centuries. What remains now are over one thousands ruined temples in varying conditions, including the Angkor Wat which is said to be the world’s largest single religious monument. If you join us on our Saigon to Bangkok tour, you will have the chance to witness this in all its glory.

Out of our 1oo+ tours throughout Asia, we cycle pass more than these 10 world heritage sites. The explorers, especially Asian lovers should not miss these scenes and a chance to experience every single inch of those destination by bike.

Stay tuned for the upcoming 10 world heritage sites in Europe and Africa!  

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