There is no better way to explore a country than on a bike. You feel part of the countryside; part of the environment so you can reach out and actually touch it. We’ve had thousands of people come through our doors since we started way back in the 90s. Most people are surprised by how much the experience overwhelms them (in a good way). We get feedback from everyone that comes on our tours and one of our questions is “what was your best moment?” – here are five of the most common answers.

Unexpected meetings


We eat in local places and we meet local people. If you wish you’ll have dozens of conversational companions old and young who are excited to tell you about their lives and their stories. There is no better way to understand a country than to be off the beaten track and just talking. Whether it’s a local monk telling you about the history of their temple or a chef explaining how his dish tastes so fresh you won’t be disappointed, here

Evening meal


There really is no feeling like your first bite of a delicious local meal after exerting yourself on the bike. Sitting back and knowing you have the evening to relax, talk and take in the ambiance is wonderful. Everything tastes so much better after a whirlwind of new experiences and physical accomplishments – not to mention the food is fresh and beautiful.

The morning breeze


We try to get an early start and it’s fair to say some find it hard to climb out of bed at such an ungodly hour. But no-one ever feels bad once they hit the open road. Cycling early in the morning with the breeze on your face the cobwebs soon fall away and the exhilaration of another day in the saddle sets in. So when we kick things off in the morning and you feel like another two hours in bed – trust us!

Finishing a big climb


Don’t be afraid not all of our routes have big climbs – but some do! The Bali Mountain Bike Adventure being one of those more challenging routes. The feeling of working hard over hours or even days to get to a summit is like no other. Standing 3000m up in the clouds looking down on your route feels great. The view isn’t bad either

Exploring a site


It’s not all early mornings and hard-core climbs we also catch our breath and explore some of the country. Whether it’s the Gulf of Thailand, hiking in the Taroko Gorge or exploring the Balti forts, you will really appreciate a break from the saddle and a change of pace.

Different people enjoy different parts of our trips – whatever your motivation for joining us may be we are excited about seeing you on a SpiceRoads cycle tour soon.


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