When did you first start cycling?

Our first cycle trip was with SpiceRoads back in 2004. We did the Golden Triangle Explorer. We live in Hong Kong, which is not the most friendly place to cycle so I don’t get out on the bike that much. My wife, Grace, also does not have a bike. After this first tour in Thailand we haven’t looked back.

What do you most enjoy about cycle touring?

It’s a complete ‘getaway’! The only thing you have to focus on is getting from point A to point B. It is also a lot of fun (especially if there is a good group) and even better that we are getting some exercise at the same time!

What training do you normally do before a tour?

We are both very very active! We are part of a weekly running club and are both keen tennis players. We also like to swim, trek and jump rope amongst many other activities! We don’t train specifically for a tour but we do try to add some ‘gym cycling’ beforehand.

Do you have any special diets pre tour?

We have no special diet. No supplements. We eat a normal balanced, healthy diet with lots of fish, fruits and vegetables. Very little meat. Almost no processed/fast/packaged food. I am lucky as Grace is such a good cook!! Most food is fresh and homemade.

How many cycle tours have you been on with SpiceRoads and which has been your favourite?

We have completed around 12 tours with SpiceRoads. We try to do a tour each year. Our favourite was Mongolia. Camping alongside the river was very memorable. Also, the long horse trails and multiple mountain passes stick in our mind. The Cappadocia Mountain Bike Adventure in Turkey comes a close second – the scenery was spectacular!

Where would you like to cycle next?

We will be joining the Cycling Colourful Kyushu Island tour over Easter. We also have our eyes set on the 13-day Island Hopping in the Philippines tour.

Do you have any advice for someone who is about to embark on their first SpiceRoads tour?

Just do it!! Decide what appeals to you most about the tour: off-road, short distances, wildlife etc and just book!

Do you have any Cycling Tips you would like to pass on to others looking to join a tour?

Yes. If a mishap happens, it is usually early on in the holiday, often on the first day. Make sure you take extra care, particularly at the beginning of the holiday, as it takes time to adjust to the local road/traffic conditions and to the new bikes.

In your opinion, what is the benefit of travelling by bicycle?

A car or bus goes so fast. You barely have time to observe and experience the local life and sights. You are in a box travelling through a film set.

On the bike, you can feel and experience the local life. It is so easy to stop at interesting sites. When we go travelling with the running club, the run itself is over in a few hours. When bicycle touring, the adventure occupies the whole day but at a less hectic pace than a bus tour. “Off road” you will experience the places cars cannot reach. We also like the exercise and it’s just great fun!

Mongolia 4

Mongolia Trip

Turkey 1

Cappadocia  – Turkey

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