If you are thinking about an adventure in Indonesia, you should check out Sulawesi. This spectacular isle away from the main thoroughfare of Bali’s popular beaches is one of the country’s most compelling regions and is sure to please any adventure or nature lover.

Although the sea is no more than 100 km from any point on the island, order Sulawesi’s rugged, volcanic mountain terrain can make travel between its four peninsulas a challenge today. So you can imagine the isolation felt by the various populations throughout evolution and history, leading to distinct developments in relatively close proximity, in line with each unique habitat and landscape.

1. Maros Pangkep Karst

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is the second largest karst, a distinctive rocky terrain of sink-holes, caves, and springs, in the world. The uniquely pitted and grooved landscape is home to caves that feature prehistoric paintings and hand-prints.Balai Taman Nasional Bantimurung Bulusaraung

2. Karaenta Nature Reserve

A popular destination for bird watchers, this is also one of the four locations on the island, and in the world, where there are known populations of the endangered Macaca Maura, or Moor Macaque.
Macaca Maura

3. Lake Poso

Located in central Sulawesi, Lake Poso is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia. This freshwater lake is circled by white and yellow sands and is home to a number of aquatic animals unique to Sulawesi. The endangered anoa (dwarf buffalo) and babirusa (pig-deer) have been seen in its surrounding forest areas.sulawesi454656

4. Saluopa Waterfall

A major attraction of Sulawesi, this waterfall has 12 levels that can be climbed using the stone steps connecting them that are surprising not slippery even though they are wet and mossy.

5. Bugis

A major ethnic group found mainly in South Sulawesi; these people recognise five different genders, two that are similar to traditional Western male and female identities, two comparable to transgender male and female, and one that they believe transcends, or, maybe a better way to describe it, encompasses, all genders.sulawesiiii

6. Toraja

This highland people are farmers known for their unique traditional houses and woodcarving, and, more famously, their elaborate funeral rites that can often last for days. It can include the slaughter of a water buffalo, the placing of effigies of the dead to look over the land, and, for infant and children, hanging the coffin from a cliff or a tree (it is left there until the ropes give way and the coffin falls down). And then, in what may seem macabre to some, each year the deceased are exhumed to be cleaned, groomed, and re-dressed.


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