Cycling Holidays are the New Niche for People Over 40

over 40s cycle touring
By Gary Corbett

Traditionally adventure holidays have been the domain of testosterone charged thrill seekers in the 20-plus age bracket. But not any longer, with guided and self-guided cycling holidays becoming increasingly popular on a yearly basis with people over 40 years old. Essentially an organised cycling holiday ticks all the boxes for older, or put more sympathetically, age challenged holidaymakers/cyclists.

Not only do you get to experience those “how good is this” moments that are an integral part of cycle touring, but you get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world from the best available seat – a bicycle saddle.

It is from the seat of a touring bicycle that you gain a unique perspective of the world. While cycling past ancient temples, magnificent views and jaw-droppingly beautiful vistas you very quickly come to the realisation that it is the journey – not the destination or how fast you can go – that is the real appeal of cycle touring.

In fact such is the growing appeal of cycle touring, that word-of-mouth recommendations from people who have already enjoyable a cycling holiday are in turn generating ever-increasing numbers of first time cycle tourists – particularly in the 40-plus age bracket.

In turn the increased number of mainly older cycle tourists has spawned major growth in the cycle tour leisure industry, with latest estimations putting the number of cycle tour operators around the world well over 1000 companies that offer well in excess of 20,000 different tours.

As well as being a fantastic way to see, smell and interact with a destination, cycle touring holidays have many other benefits.

These include:

* For a family or group of friends it is a fantastic way to enjoy an active holiday together.

* It is an activity that singles can enjoy.

* It is a great way to meet new friends.

* Once you have booked a tour all you need to do is turn up and start pedalling – everything else including the transport of your luggage – is taken care of.

* No matter whether you are a regular weekend warrior cyclist or a complete novice, there are cycle tours available that suit you ability.

* On guided cycle tours you have a guide who leads the way, meaning you do not have to worry about navigating, problems with foreign languages and the other 1001 issues that could potentially arise on a daily basis. All you have to do is sit back in the saddle, enjoy the scenery and the company of your fellow cyclists.

* The people you meet along the way become your friends, the sights are more beautiful than those seen from a car or bus, the smells are real and the world in general just seems to be a better place.

* The bottom line, if you are keen to experience a holiday with a difference, is to book an organised cycle tour.

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