When is a curry not a curry?

by Marisa Chicarelli Part and parcel of a SpiceRoads trip is the food. Local food, tasty food, food that offers gastronomic insights into the country and culture that is being explored. And sometimes, we need to take another look at what we call a dish. Thailand is known worldwide for its cuisine. And one of […]

Dancing in Bali – a side trip

In 1996, the Agung Rai Museum of Arts was founded to preserve the rich Balinese culture, in its artworks and in its dances. The Balinese dance style is unique – using every part of the body, down to the intricate hand gestures and exaggerated eye movements. There is complicated footwork, and bodies are move at […]

2015 International Guide Training

Last week, SpiceRoads welcomed 50 of our professionally-licensed multilingual tour leaders for a jammed packed two-day Guide Training Workshop.  The team underwent a certificated first aid training from Red Cross Thailand, where participants learned everything from bandaging, CPR, to dealing with spinal injuries; emergency situation role-plays; a bike maintenance course; guide ride, a fun team […]