Interview with Guide Wayan, Bali

Bali Tour Guide

Tell me about yourself

My name is Wayan Arta Yasa and I am Balinese. In Bali we only use four names, and the names are given based on birth order. Wayan is the name given to the first born – I am the oldest! If you are called “Made” or “Kadek” you are second born, third “Nyoman” or “Lomang” and fourth is “Ketut”.

What is your favourite food?

Being Balinese I of course like the food of my country – lots of spices, fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Food here is also influenced from Chinese and India and I would have to say my favourite food is Chinese. I love to travel and trying new food!

How long have you been guiding?
I have been guiding since 2006 and I still love it every day. I think I have the best job in the world as I get to do what I love and meet people from all over the world. My favourite accent is from East London …”alright”….”geezer”….

What made you get into cycling?
Honestly – biking is my hobby! If I am not guiding I am cycling. So many people come to Bali to surf or do yoga but the countryside is amazing and they should come cycling with me!

You were a professional rider. How long did you ride competitively for?
Yes I started competing when I was a kid and I still do it now when I am not guiding. I find biking a real challenge and I am always learning.

What competitions did you compete in?
I did the National Enduro and the Asia Pacific race last year. Unfortunately I only make Number 4 and 6. I will be joining for 2015

Asia Pacific

National Enduro

Where did you travel to?
I love to travel and cycling has take me to Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and some of the Middle East.

What do you like to do when you are not guiding?
When I am not guiding I want to learn more about bicycling, improving our service and thinking about what we can do better in the future!

Do you have a tour that you like the best?
I like the long tour “Bali Mountain Bike Adventure” as you explore more of the country!
Where is your favourite place in Bali?
In the countryside.  I like the volcanoes, the hills and the lush Jungle.  The views are also spectacular!

Why do you think people should come to Bali?
People should come to Bali because it is a beautiful country, Bali has everything from nature, great people, interesting culture and you will make great friends here! If you haven’t been – you must come now!

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