Puskhar Fair: Dancing camels and colourful handicrafts. Stay for the moustache competition!


By Marissa Chicarelli

Rajasthan is an Indian state located in the north west of the country, bordering Pakistan. The largest state by area, Rajasthan features myriad sites, attractions, and festivals to intrigue any visitor to the region. From the pink-hued Jaipur, to the blue city of Jodphur and the alabaster City of Lakes, Udaipur.

Pushkar is located in central southwestern Rajasthan on the shores of Pushkar lake, which is said to have been formed by Shiva’s tears, and is a major Hindu pilgramage site. With its many temples and ghats (steps to a holy body of water for bathing rituals), Pushkar is worth a visit any time of year.

But in late October to November, in the Hindu month of Kartika, it is the site of the Pushkar Fair, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

For five days, traders, artisans, musicians, dancers, artists, and everyday people gather for this festival of livestock trading, religious observances, artistic performances of all types and very unique competitions.

Possibly hundreds of thousands of livestock, from horses and cattle to camels to sheep and goats are brought to this village to be bought and sold. But it doesn’t end here. There are also arts and crafts fairs, as well as musical, dance and acrobatic performances

Camels aren’t just mere commodities. They are groomed and decorated with silver and bead jewellery and are entered into competitions to have their grooming judged.

And they dance.

Puskar Fair

The five days are jammed pack with other competitions, from cultural dances to traditional sports, including kabaddi, where a member of one team has to tag as many members of another team as possible in one breath.

And the moustache competition (who can grow the longest), the turban tying competition (there is a special round for foreign participants), and the bride competition (breath-taking pageant of traditional bridal dress) will provide insight into the local culture as well as being amazing and unique sights for visitors.

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Puskar Fair

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