Between Biking Trips

Yes, your bicycle may have a kickstand, but inevitably, no matter where you rest it, a time will come when it’ll get knocked over and maybe get damaged. Or cause a domino effect that will end with a crash of breaking dishes…..

So here comes the internet with solutions. Seemingly a lot of them. How many different ways can I stabilize or hang a bicycle, you may ask. Actually, there are no that many, but it feels like there are an endless number of variations to the theme.

Why use hooks when you can use an hold set of handlebars to hang your bike? Why spend hundreds of dollars on something you have to drill holes for anyway when you can buy a few pieces at IKEA and do it yourself? Why drill holes when you can buy or build a free-standing, well, stand?

A lot of sites repeat what already appears elsewhere, so I’ve gone through and picked a few with my favorites, from fancy US$800 designer bookshelf/bike rack to US$50 DIY bike hangers.

Bike Racks This interior design website suggests some cool products and DIY ideas:

bike rack

Take a look at the foldable wooden bike hanger

bike rack

or the 2 in 1 bike rack and basket……..

bike rack

Trendhunter. A trending website, has gathered some innovative ideas for storing a bicycle:

bike rack

Hiconsumption. An online lifestyle magazine, it compiled another decent list of bike racks, especially for apartments and small spaces.   I personally like Shoes, Books and a Bike by Thomas Walde:

bike rack

and one of its featured DIY racks


And, because I came across this during my research, I have to share: The DIY Disco ball helmet

bike helmet

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