Rider of the month – Simon Ashton


When did you go on your first cycle adventure?

It was in 2010 to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Fourteen of us cycled from Saigon to Angkor Wat, once we arrived we were met with several other friends and had a surreal party in a 1,000 year old temple in the Angkor complex catered by the Raffles Hotel in Siem Riep. That was one unbelievable trip!

Which countries have you explored by bicycle?
Vietnam, Cambodia, Yunnan Province, Sri Lanka, Burma and Wyoming in the US.

Do you have a particular favourite?
Yes the Vietnam and Cambodia adventure would definitely be my favourite.

When booking SpiceRoads – you have always chosen a private tour.  What do you see the benefit of booking a private tour over a scheduled tour?
By booking a private tour we are able to control the speed and pace of the tour, avoid potential conflicts and ensure that the accommodation meets our standards and requirements. It is a joy and delight to be with your own team.

You always bring a big group when you join our tours.  Do you all cycle together regularly or just a group of friends who like to explore the world on two-wheels?
Yes we do all cycle together often as well as competing in adventure races, swims, triathlons, kayaking events around Australia. We love exploring the world on two-wheels and it is always good the girls can also join us too.
Where do you think is next for you and your friends?
Northern Thailand or perhaps the Philippines or maybe Eastern Europe. One or two of us might join a tour to see how that works.

Do you have an advice for someone looking to bring a group of friends together on a custom made private tour with SpiceRoads?
SpiceRoads are clearly an extremely good cycle tour operator, I have not seen or worked with a better one in Asia. Give them the information describing exactly what you want, you timings, accommodation standards etc and they will simply do the rest for you.

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