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Our guides and drivers are key to the success of our tours. Training is vital but so is motivation:  the building and maintaining of a culture of excellence.  So to ensure your SpiceRoads experience is the best it can be, this month we brought together 50 SpiceRoads guides and drivers from around Asia for a training session including scenario workshop, bike maintenance and ride procedures.

Day one started with a cycle.  Ant (our guide with the biggest smile) took charge and rounded up the troops. Aum (our ex professional rider) took us through the bike safety briefing.  Once everyone was up to speed – we were off! The tour started in Ayuttaya, the ancient trading capital of Asia, cycling around the magnificent  ancient ruins.  Yo – our local expert gave us a full account of the historical significance  before guiding us to an idyllic place on by the water for a slap-up Thai lunch.  Even Safi and Joseph didn’t miss their Indian Cuisine too much and thought the food was delicious.

A quick shower and we were ready for the welcome party organized by the SpiceGirls – the ground team that work tirelessly to make the tours happen. BBQ and beers, speeches, loud music, and with 50 ‘entertainers’ in our midst – some quite crazy dancing.

Day two – “Workshop Day’ – kicked off with Dan our Chief Adventure Manager, taking to the stage for a welcome briefing and an update on all things SpiceRoads including new bikes and exciting new destinations.

It was then scenario workshop time.  Teams were formed and were given a problem to discuss –  then a representative had to act out the situation in front everyone.   After lunch – our drivers got together to discuss important ‘driver stuff,’ and our guides talked about bike maintenance, tools, first aid and also had the opportunity to share ideas, and how to fix problems.

To round the day off  – the only thing left was to get wet and to see if our cycling guides could surf the ‘Flow Rider” – Bangkok style surfing.   We had some quite serious wipe-outs.  Next time guides – stick to cycling!


SpiceRoads Guide

SpiceRoads Guide












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