International Training Workshop

              Our guides and drivers are key to the success of our tours. Training is vital but so is motivation:  the building and maintaining of a culture of excellence.  So to ensure your SpiceRoads experience is the best it can be, this month we brought together 50 SpiceRoads guides […]

TJ talks about riding the Tour of Friendship in Thailand

Discover Bulgaria by Bicycle on a SpiceRoads Cycle Tour                 By Patricia Weismantel Traveling through Bulgaria you feel like you were the last one invited to the party. The Thracians, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans and Turkish were all there first and have left plenty of proof to remind you […]

Rider of the Month – Gordon Dewar

Our CEO Struan catches up with Sean Kelly in Ireland   How does it feel to have won 9 monumental classics, 193 professional races in total and to be know to be the classic rider of all time? When you look back at your career then you realise how successful you have been. When you are […]