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What SpiceRoads cycle tour have you recently been on?

Most recent trip was India’s cycling the Nubra Valley over two weeks in August as part of a longer trip in India.  Starting in Ladakh in Jammu Kashmir and riding through some stunning landscapes and over some big mountain passes.  Had an amazing time,
accommodation was great and we especially enjoyed the camping in the mountains. Food brilliant and both Thinless the guide and the main driver Dashi were brilliant. We both would have loved to have done more cycling in the area if we had more time.

How many SpiceRoads adventures have you both been on in total?

We have done two trips together,
India and Vietnam.  Joanna has done at least 4 maybe 5 tours including Mongolia, India, Vietnam, Thailand.

You met Joanna on one of our cycle tours, tell us about it?

We met by chance or fate depending what you believe !  Joanna was travelling for a year and the Vietnam  Cycle tour  was part of her adventure.  I found Spice Roads on the internet and booked the North Eastern Tour of Vietnam immediately after reading the course, climbing and the distance (more km the better).   By the end of the Tour we had become quite fond of one another and Joanna visited me in Australia a couple of months later.   She is moving here from Hong Kong in December and we are getting married next year! And planning loads more Cycling Tours!

What training did you do before your cycle tour? 

I ride regularly, to work and for recreation/fitness and some racing, I am lucky to live near the mountains in Melbourne.  4 & 5 chilli tours are what we enjoy.  Mountain bike and road riding.  Racing when I have time.

What made you choose a cycling adventure?  

A really fun way to see a country, its people up close and at whatever pace you choose.  It combines two things I really enjoy, cycling and travelling.  It makes me feel much better riding around than sitting in a car or bus.  And I can go home fitter than when I left !

What would you say was the highlight of the tour?

The highlight of the Vietnam tour was Heaven’s Gate road, India’s was the second big pass when it snowed on us whilst climbing and the downhill that followed. All the snowcapped mountains in India were spectacular, the 35km climb to Khardung-la was challenging but very rewarding!  Both tours were amazing for the whole two weeks of each, meeting Joanna in Vietnam, a girl who rides mountain and road  bikes,  being a major highlight!

Do you have any advice for anyone planning a cycle adventure?

Pick a tour you feel you can handle the distance and climbs, or train heaps for a few months before the start!

And do it !


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