To Travel Alone or With a Friend on an Organised Cycling Holiday

Solo TravelIt is a sad fact of life that there are many people who have abandoned plans to enjoy a cycle touring holiday just because they do not have a travelling partner. But this is totally unnecessary.

Sure it is great to share the experience of seeing the world from the seat of a bicycle with a good friend or your partner in life, but it is a complete fallacy to believe that you have to travel with someone else to be able to enjoy a fantastic cycling holiday.

In fact, there are many benefits to be had by travelling solo – particularly on an organised cycling tour – with many, many people swearing by the fact that far from being a negative, travelling solo actually enhanced their holiday experience.

First and foremost, by travelling alone on a guided cycle tour you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people while doing an activity that is clearly exhilarating.

Organised guided tours have been known to be the catalyst for many romances and even more long-time friendships, with people from opposite sides of the world often going on to meet up year after year on different cycle tours.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Travel Solo

By travelling alone you are also more inclined to get out of your comfort zone, mix with other people, enjoy different experiences and generally enjoy an enhanced holiday experience.

Once you set out on your cycling holiday you will soon realise that all of your pre-tour fears about travelling alone were unfounded and far from being a loner, you are surrounded by new and engaging friends.

There are however a few things a first time solo cycle tourists should be aware of when they book a tour.

Cycle tour operators generally charge a single room supplement. In other words, if you are travelling by yourself you will be charged extra for the privilege of having your own room.   Some companies  (not SpiceRoads) also charge guests with a solo traveller supplement on top of the single room supplement.

Room with a New Friend as a Money Saving Alternative

As a money saving alternative some tour operators including SpiceRoads offer to match up single guests of the same sex in the same hotel room.  It is a great way to meet a new friend, adds to the fun of the trip, but it is generally advisable to pack ear plugs just in case your new ‘roomie’ turns out to be a snorer.

The negatives are minor compared to the advantages of travelling solo. Sure you will be on your own getting to and from the start point of your chosen cycle tour, but from then on you will be able to enjoy the company, depending on the size of the tour, of anything up to 10, 12 or more new friends.

If you are considering a solo cycle tour, make sure you discuss all details with your chosen tour operator well in advance to leaving home. You will be well pleased you did, because you are sure to have an amazing time.


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