Rider of the month – Alan Wells

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1.   What SpiceRoads cycle tour have you been on recently?

Kanchanaburi Hills

2.   How many SpiceRoads adventures have you been on?


3.   What training did you do before your cycle tour?

I usually do 1000k a year, several Senior Olympics races in the US and two bike tours of seven to fourteen days in Europe or Asia.

4.   What made you choose a cycling adventure? 

I raced in England as a junior, and I did my first overseas cycle tour to Belgium in 1958.  When I retired in 2004, I got back into my old habits.

5.   What would you say was the highlight of the tour?

SpiceRoads is my most used company…thirteen  of twenty two tours I’ve done since 2005.

6.   Do you have any advice for anyone planning a cycle adventure?

Yes, go ahead, do it, do it!! Cycle tours are the best way to be a tourist for me and the many people I’ve met on these tours.


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