Where in the earth to take your camera?

We know what makes a great photo.  Enchanting people, ornate historical sites and dramatic landscapes.  And we know which of our cycle tours are the most photogenic and will capture your imagination.

China Cycle Tours
The marvelous karst hills in Guilin

1.     Cycling Guilin’s Karst Peaks, China

Enjoy some of the most splendid views as you cycle through China’s most picturesque region.  Enormous karst peaks formed from erosion will be the back drop as you cycle past terraced rice fields, through ethnic villages meeting locals in their bright colourful dress and dazzling head pieces. Guaranteed departures:  21st September 2014 and 19th April 2015


Cycle tour in Burma
Bagan’s Plains of Temples

2.    Burma Heritage by Bicycle

One of the most fascinating, beautiful and unspoilt countries.  The sunset views over Bagan’s 2,200 temples and pagodas will take your breath-away, as will the ageing teak bridge that stretches 1,200 meters across the Taughaman Lake.  And meet the smiley friendly locals.  Breathtaking photos are guaranteed! Guaranteed departures:  19th October 2014, 16th November 2014, 21st December 2014, 18th January 2015


Bhutan Cycle Tour
Bhutan’s traditional sports

3.    Mystical Bhutan  

The Kingdom of Bhutan is no ordinary country: strict government policy has restricted tourism preserving a country brimming with culture, local traditions and an untouched natural landscape.  If you are keen to go to a place where few others have been – Bhutan is the destination for you. Guaranteed departure:  12th October 2014


Cappadocia Cycle Tour
Surreal landscape of Cappadocia

4.    Cappadocia Mountain Bike Adventure, Turkey Picture a surreal landscape of “fairy chimneys” dotting an expansive landscape.  These chimneys are pillars of rock eroded over time.  Then when you get closer you discover a whole network of alleyways and houses dug out of these magnificent structures.  This tour combines the best of remote wilderness, off road adventures and some fantastic sites to photograph. Guaranteed departure:  28th September 2014


Nepal Cycle Tour
Mount Everest

5.     Cycling Lhasa to Kathmandu On this tour we follow the Friendship Highway through some of the most amazing landscapes on Earth.  The sight of Mount Everest is spectacular, as are the crystal blue water of Yamdrok Lake and the views of the huge glacier when on the Karo La pass.  A photograph of the Potala Palace, the chief residence of the 14th Dali Lama is also a must! Cycle Tours are available in September 2014, October 2014 and June 2015


A few other destinations to capture your imagination!


Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Tour
The beautiful Hoi An
Nepal Cycle Tour
Wonders of Southern Nepal
Rajasthan Cycle Tour
Riding Regal Rajasthan



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