Riders of the month – Tiffany and Steve


1.       What cycle tour have you recently been on?

River of Kings in Thailand

2.       How many SpiceRoads adventures have you been on?

First one!

3.       What training did you do before your cycle tour? 

Mountain biking once a week or so at 2500 meters elevation. 

4.       What made you choose a cycling adventure?  

Love cycling and wanted to see the details of Thailand that you can’t by bus, car or plane. 

5.       What would you say was the highlight of the tour?

I can’t pick just one. The food was fantastic, the scenery beautiful and we saw everything from a frog farm to 800 year old temples. 

6.       Do you have any advice for anyone planning a cycle adventure?

Wicking, quick dry tech fabric is a must! If you want a well managed, professional,  fun tour choose Spice Roads!

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