Riding with the “Great Sean Kelly”

Sean Kelly Ride Bangkok to Phuket February 2015

We interviewed Alan Bensen who  joined the Sean Kelly Tour in 2014.

What was it like riding with Sean?

Sean Kelly

 Having grown up in Ireland in the 70’s and 80’s, I got to watch Sean Kelly on the TV winning all those bike races. Sean Kelly was an icon back then, he still is! To have the chance to actually ride with him for a few days was for me, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Half way during the second day, I made the decision to stay for the entire 6 days which tells how much I was enjoying myself. It also helped that Sean personally convinced me to ride on too. Riding with Sean was mighty, he is a pure gentleman! Listening to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen commentating during the Tour de France, they always refer to Sean as the “Great Sean Kelly” and how much of a character he was in the peloton. That certainly hasn’t changed. He’s still the “Great Sean Kelly” and proved that by launching a surprise attack on the last climb on day 5 to get behind an ice-cream motorcycle to win the KOM! A character he certainly is, as we say in Ireland, “he’s a bit of a messer” in the peloton. Meaning he’s always up to something funny trying to entertain people.

What did you enjoy most Sean Kellyabout the ride?

I really enjoyed the unique opportunity to ride from Bangkok to Phuket with many other cycling enthusiasts like myself. Cycling is all about meeting new people and friends and then throw Sean Kelly in the mix, what’s there not to like! Having read only the first few chapters of his autobiography “Hunger” before the Bangkok to Phuket Sean Kelly Tour, it gave me a bit of an insight into his character. Then reading the rest of his book after the Tour was a real treat and it relived my 6 days during the tour.

Any thoughts would be great!

I have to mention how good the company “SpiceRoads Cycle Tours” is and how efficient and friendly the staff are. I’ve already recommended SpiceRoads to many of my friends thinking of doing cycle tours. Hopefully there will be more Sean Kelly Tours of Thailand, as I will be the first to sign up!

Sean Kelly

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