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How many SpiceRoads tours have you been on?

Hard to believe, but Les and I have just finished 8 SpiceRoads trips this year (some short and some were long) for a total of 1871 Kms, but we went on 3 trips in 2013 as well.  Total Spice Road trips to date is 11!


Why did you choose a cycling adventure versus any other holiday? 

We were introduced to bicycle holidays by friends 10 years ago and we have been hooked ever since. We find this is the best way to see the way of life of the people, and real beauty of the country.  Big cities are nice for a few days, but bike trips are all about visiting small villages.


The reason we decided to go to Borneo.
The reason we decided to go to Borneo.

What was the last cycle tour you went on?

Untamed Borneo in July of this year


What would you say was the highlight of the tour?

We were able to ride through the rainforest and have many animal experiences along the way.  We booked Borneo for the orang utans and were introduced to the proboscis monkey!


Do you have any advice for anyone planning a cycle adventure?

Keep asking the guides as many questions as you can about their country. They are always very proud and knowledgeable, and can give added depth to your experience.


You have already been on eleven SpiceRoads tours. What makes you come back time and time again?

We went on 3 last year and 8 this year.  We think Spice Roads is the best option for Asia.  The response time on email queries is amazing.  I swear you have the best office support staff of any tour company we have biked with. They always respond within a day to any questions.  If we want extra nights’ accommodation they are excellent with recommendations and booking for us.

Then when we are on the trips, everyone is very accommodating and knowledgeable.  Their local guides are always great and personable answering questions and sharing local knowledge and customs.

Thirdly, I think your trips are excellent value for dollars paid.  Not saying I want you to suggest raising the prices, but I think they are very competitive.

Fourth, when we had medical issues last year they refunded 100% of the trip fees for a Vietnam tour 7 days before departure.  They thought it was only fair and knew they would see us again when we were healthy to travel, so here we were in 2014 with 8 trips.

Perhaps a little lengthy, but we love Spice Roads and the staff!

Do you have other SpiceRoads cycle adventures you have set your sights set on? 

Bhutan probably, but Kerala in India, and South Korea are also on our bucket list.


A few happy memories from John and Lesley’s cycle adventures:

Angkor Wat Cycle Tour
Ride 1: Angkor Experience
Burma cycle tour
Ride 2: Burma Adventure
Kanchanaburi, cycle tour, cycle holiday, biking
Ride 3: Kanchanaburi Explorer
Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai Cycle Tour
Ride 4: Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai
Hanoi Cycle Tour
Ride 5: Hanoi Explorer
Bali Cycle Tour
Ride 6: Bali Mountain Adventure
Sri Lanka Cycle Holidays
Ride 7: Sri Lanka Spice Trails
Meeting the SpiceRoads Team!
Visiting the SpiceRoads Office
Borneo Cycle Tours
Ride 8: Untamed Borneo



































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