Thinking about your first bicycle tour?

We often get enquiries from people who have never been on a bicycle tour before, let alone one in Asia. So we thought we would ask some of our experts for their tips for anyone who is thinking about going on a bicycle tour for the first time.


Damian says: Get a little bit of training in. Know that you will be seeing a place in a special way that no other form of transport can provide. Practice a bit of photography and be ready to stop and get the camera out. Read some good books about where you are going. Realize that your first cycling holiday will almost certainly not be your last and you may never take another non-cycling holiday again. Understand that when people say you are crazy for wanting to do something like this take as their best attempt at admiration.

(Damian runs the SpiceRoads operationin Chiang Mai


Patricia says: Choose the right tour for you. Decide if you want to go slowly and see lots of historical sites, if you enjoy absorbing the culture at the same time you are challenging yourself physically, love to hit the trails or want to cover lots of mileage on a road bike. We offer so many different types of tours because people enjoy different types of cycling and you’ll enjoy a bike tour more if you are going at the right pace for you and are seeing the places that interest you the most.

(Patricia is Product Manager for SpiceRoads)


Simon says: We have a great selection of tours with something for everyone. If you are unsure if a biking holiday is for you, you could always test out a short overnight tour or our new 7-Day Heritage Tours, which will give you the opportunity to include biking as a segment of your trip. However for people who want something a bit more extreme we can also take you to places you would never have dreamt of.

(Simon is Sales & Marketing Manager of SpiceRoads)


Struan say: My main advice would be not to be put off by anything, as long as you come with an open mind and are able to put up with things that are peculiar to the destination then you will have a great time. I know that is what I do and have enjoyed everywhere I have been and still look forward to exploring more and more.

(Struan is CEO of SpiceRoads)


Hamish says: Just do it..!

(Hamish was the original founder of SpiceRoads)


So still unsure? Why not contact one of our team who can tell you more.

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