At SpiceRoads we take our food very seriously and our staff just love their food. So we asked them to name their favorite Thai dishes. Many of these dishes you can get to sample if you come on one of our Cycle Tours in Thailand

Here are our recommendations:


 Overall Winner in the office…“Som Tum” or Papaya Salad.

Som Tum

Som Tum means “sour pounded” in Thai,
and is a Thai salad made with shredded unripe papaya as the main ingredient. Tomatoes, peanuts, beans and chili are added, and sometimes shredded carrot. Traditionally dried shrimp or whole crabs are added.

The ingredients are pounded together in a mortar and pestle and a unique sauce, made with lime juice, fish sauce, garlic and palm sugar is added.

Som Tum is often eaten with sticky rice (Khao Niao) and grilled chicken (Kai Yang).


Suwalee (X) - Spiceroads Tour Consultant

Suwalee (X) – Tour Consultant

What is your favorite Thai food?

“Pad Thai (Goong)” or Noodle Stir Fry (with Shrimp).

Pad Thai is one of the most common and well-known Thai dishes in Thailand and abroad. It is made from rice noodles stir-fried with egg and tofu, and mixed with vegetables such as bean sprouts. Sometimes shrimp or small dried prawns are added, then the dish is served with a garnish of crushed peanuts, coriander and lime.

Why is this dish your favorite?

“Because it has a good taste and because you can find it anywhere from hotels to street vendors.”


Patricia - SpiceRoads Product Manager

Patricia – Product Manager

What is your favorite Thai food?

Nam Tok Pla” or hot and spicy deep-fried fish. Nam Tok literally translated to mean waterfall and Pla meaning fish.

Any type of white fish can be used and is deep fried served with herbs and spices which provide the majority of flavor. These include onion, basil, coriander, chilli and chives which can be served directly atop the fish or in a dipping sauce mixed with oyster sauce, fish sauce and sugar.

Why is this your favorite food?

“Because of the unique blend of herbs and spices accompanying the fish.”


Ploy - SpiceRoads Tour Operator

Ploy – Tour Operator

What is your favorite Thai food?

Tom Yum Kung” or Spicy Prawn Soup.

Tom Yum Kung is a clear spicy soup made with red chilli paste and is often very spicy. It is known for its hot and sour taste, and the abundance of herbs used in the recipe. It is traditional to eat Tom Yung Kung with large prawns, however adaptions of the recipe use chicken, fish or other seafood. Thai chili paste is used to produce the characteristically red color of the soup.

Why is this dish your favorite?

“Because it has many tastes such as sour and spicy and the taste is very fresh.”


Sirinya (Pla) - Spiceroads Tour Operator

Sirinya (Pla) – Tour Operator

What is your favorite Thai food?

Gang Khiewo Wan Gai” or Green Curry with Chicken.

Green Chicken Curry is a low to medium spiced curry that is made with chicken legs, tomatoes and other vegetables, and green curry paste. The sauce is made by mixing the green curry paste and coconut milk with a splash of fish sauce whilst herbs such as Kaffir and Basil leaves are added.

Green Chicken Curry is often served alongside steamed rice or rice noodles.

Why is this dish your favorite?

“Because I like spicy food, but the creamy coconut milk helps to absorb some of the spice so it is not too spicy.”


Simon - SpiceRoads Sales and Marketing Manager

Simon – Sales and Marketing Manager

What is your favorite Thai food?

“Yam Som-O”or Pomelo Salad.

Yam Som-O is a Thai salad made from bite sized pieces of Pomelo, coconut shavings, shrimp, chopped shallots or onion, coriander and unsweetened coconut. The sauce is made with lime juice and fish sauce and you can vary the amount of chilli in the dish depending on your preference.

Why is this dish your favorite?

“Because it is uniquely refreshing and it clears the palate between spicy foods.

It still tastes good without a lot of chilli, which is good for a Western audience.”


Patra (Pui) - SpiceRoads Account Supervisor

Patra (Pui) – Account Supervisor

What is your favorite Thai food?

Larb” or Meat Salad.

Larb is a salad dish from the Northeast of Thailand that is made using either raw or cooked meat and combined with roughly ground toasted rice (Khao Khua) which are the main components of the dish. The dish is flavored with lime juice, fish sauce and fresh herbs and is sometimes served on lettuce. It can be accompanied with sticky rice or raw vegetables such as cabbage and beans.

Why is this dish your favorite?

“Because the salad can be made from any meat, most commonly pork, but beef, duck and even fish can be used. Also it is very spicy and yummy.”


Prayada (Yad) - SpiceRoads Administrator

Prayada (Yad) – Administrator

What is your favorite Thai food?

Kaeng Phet” or Red Curry.

Red Curry is made from shrimp paste added to coconut milk which creates the base of the dish, while herbs such as Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves are added to give it a deeper flavor. Chicken and beef can be added, or tofu for a vegetarian option. The curry is similar in consistency to soup, and traditionally is served in an earthenware bowl, accompanied with steamed rice.

Another alternative of Red Curry is Red Curry with Duck which varies only with the addition of roasted duck.

Why is this your favorite?

“Because it can be spicy and is made with yummy ingredients.”


Rattanaporn (Ratt) - SpiceRoads Tour Consultant

Rattanaporn (Ratt) – Tour Consultant

What is your favorite Thai food?

Yok Manee”, a sweet Thai dish made with banana leaf juice and tapioca.

Yok Manee is a Thai desert with a green color, sometimes sold by street vendors, but rare to buy. It is made with tapioca, banana leaf juice, sugar and coconut and takes several hours to make. To give the dish its green color, bananas leaves are softened, crushed and drained and then tapioca pellets are added. Sugar is stirred in to make a sticky paste which is left to sit while the tapioca absorbs the mixture. Finally the mixture is poured into a tray to set. To serve, coconut and salt are sprinkled on top.

Why is this your favorite?

“Because it is tasty and sticky. It is hard to find so I have to cook it by myself.”


Nongnass (Nok) - SpiceRoads Office Manager

Nongnass (Nok) – Office Manager

What is your favorite Thai food?

Khao Niao” or Sticky Rice.

An alternative to steamed rice, sticky rice is glutinous when cooked, in the sense that it becomes sticky and dense to eat. Sticky rice is the basis to most thai meals.

Why is this your favorite?

“Because you can eat it with many things. Thais eat it with grilled chicken, larb (meat salad) and som tum (papaya salad) but it can also be eaten sweet cooked in coconut milk. We eat this with mango and together it is called “khao niao ma-muang” or mango sticky rice.


Jeng - SpiceRoads Account Manager

Cinlada (Jeng) – Account Manager

What is your favorite Thai food?

Kra Prao Moo” or Minced Pork with Basil.

Kra Prao Moo is a traditionally spicy dish that combines minced pork, garlic, Thai basil and chilies by stir-frying, and is usually served over steamed rice.

Why is this dish your favorite?

“Because it is easy to find in Thailand: as common as buying burgers in the West. Also it is tasty and you can order it with lots of different meat, for example beef, shrimp or even squid.”


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